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Photo by Naoaki Okamura

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The official site

Ben Harper


check ‘em? –>My Space / iTunes

The latest album

Ben Harper
"White Lies for Dark Times"

(国内盤 / US import – Dix / US import / US import – ‘12 analog / US import + DVD / iTunes)

The latest DVD

Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama

Ben Harper

"Live at the Apollo (2005)"
(US import / domestic)

US import is region free and does have sub title in Japanese as well as Spanish French etc

previous works in DVD

"Live at the Hollywood Bowl" (domestic / US import)
"Plesure and Pain" (domestic / US import)
"270 Miles From Graceland to Bonnaroo 2003"(US import)
"Bonnaroo Music Festival 2002"(US import)
"Standing in the Shadows of Motown"(US import)
"One Love: Bob Marley All-Star Tribute"(US import)
"Reggae On The River"(国内盤 + CD)
… and more
previous works

Ben Harper

(国内盤 / US import / US import – ‘12 analog)

"Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur" (iTunes)
"Songs for Tibet – The Art of Peace" (iTunes)
"iTunes Originals" (iTunes)
"Live at Twist & Shout" (UK import + DVD)
"Both Sides of the Gun" (US import / US import – ‘12 analog / Special Edition US import / 国内盤CCCD / iTunes)
"Live at the Apollo" (US import / 国内盤)
"There will be a light" (US import / US import – ‘12 analog / 国内盤)
"Diamonds on the Inside" (国内盤 / US import / US import / US import – ‘12 analog / iTunes)
"Live From Mars" (US import with "Diamonds on the Inside" / UK import / 国内盤 / iTunes)
"Live From Mars" (US import / US import – ‘12 analog / UK import )
"Burn To Shine" (国内盤 / US import / US import – ‘12 analog / iTunes)
"The Will to Live" (国内盤 / US import / US import – ‘12 analog / iTunes)
"Fight For Your Mind" (国内盤 / US import / US import – ‘12 analog / iTunes)
"Welcome to the Cruel World" (US import / US import – ‘12 analog / 国内盤)
"CD Box Collection" (collection of the first 3 albums) (US import)
… and more

check the albums?

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