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0726_shacho_cp_0001Photo by Takumi Nakajima

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The official site

Soil& "Pimp" Sessions


check ‘em? –> MySpace / iTunes

The latest album

Soil& "Pimp" Sessions

"Planet Pimp"
(国内盤 / iTunes)

previous works

Soil& "Pimp" Sessions

(国内盤 / iTunes)

"Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) – EP" (iTunes)
"カリソメ乙女(DEATH JAZZ ver.) – Single"with 椎名林檎 (iTunes)
"Storm[Maxi]" (国内盤 / iTunes / iTunes – video)
"Black Finger – From Shibuya With Love[compilation]" (国内盤)
"Sahara[single]" (UK import – ‘12 analog)
"マシロケ [Maxi]" (国内盤)
"PIMP MASTER" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"PIMP OF THE YEAR" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"Crush! [Maxi]" (国内盤)
"Summer Goddess" (国内盤 / iTunes / iTunes – video)
"Suffocation" (国内盤)
"PIMPIN’" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"Tokyo Nu-School Of Jazz" (国内盤)

check the albums?

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